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Apex ESG Ratings

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Risk mitigation. Growth-driven sustainable investing.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) metrics are the three central themes for measuring the sustainability and positive impact of an investment or business. These criteria help to better determine the future performance of companies.

Apex ESG Ratings was established to satisfy the need for a high quality, global, independent, end-to-end service for the private markets. Through data collection, scoring and rating companies, companies based on intelligent ESG data and insights, we aim to influence significant behavioral change and drive capital flow toward ESG performance.

Our end-to-end service consolidates all your ESG reporting and progress in one place and covers 13 ESG themes and up to 300 data point tailored to your needs. 

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How we can help you 

  • Benchmark your ESG performance against the most respected international standards, UN Sustainable Development Goals and sector peers.
  • Our experts provide guidance on how to drive your ESG improvements over time.
  • Access and manage your ESG data 24/7 via an online portal.